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LONG WALLS SET Classic is great expansion for passageways with corners, crossroads and rooms.

In shop you can also find similar set name LONG WALLS SET Full Tiles excelent in construction of rooms and straight passageways. 

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    Set is sold unpainted and cast in grey resin.

    Measure: Flooring tiles are 2,54 cm x 2,54 cm or 1 Inch x 1 Inch. Walls are out of tiles conected on additonal space.

    This Game Tiles set contain 10 pieces:

    Wall on base 4 x 1 10

    All terrain sets are perfect for 28mm scale models like D&D, and other board games or scenery display. With additional sets is possible to extend and build endless modular possibilities of your imaginations. Sets are inspired by Ancient architecture. Tiles are almost all cracked so they look aged and walls was build according to Ancient dry stone constructions technology, so as you can see the result is stunning with realistic details.

    Weight 1000 Gr.

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