Hello, my name is Tomas Jantac, and I am the founder of Dungeon Scenery.

Why did I launchmy own brand? Since childhood, I had a vivid imagination and fantasy, which I transmitted and experienced in painting, collecting figures, models, and games. I always loved history, architecture, and painting. As a child, I painted my miniatures and built different terrains like castles, buildings, bridges,etc.for them from wooden or Lego blocks.

Back in 1989, a passion of childhood turned into a hobby so I created dioramas and different scenic pieces for myself and my friends. During the following years, I improved my skills and I've been contacted by Black Knight,a corporation operating shops and board game tournaments in Czechia. I got several paid contracts from them on scenic terrains for different board games

In 2015, I decided to createa shop where I could realize my ideas.

2016 was challenging because 7 days a week I drew sketches, made beta models, then cast, found and repaired mistakes, and finally re-cast in resin the perfect pieces designed into the sets of high-quality. The entire testing process was very time consuming and costly. Probably, the only evidence would be wagon models spoiled and discarded silicone molds :). All that effort was worthy to breathe life into every piece suitable for collectors, wargames, RPG games, players,different kinds of board games, artists or just for the pleasure ofindividual customers of static dioramas. The results are not just success but excitement, fascination, and fun.

I am stickler for details and the quality is my highest priority. While testing using different materials from which I formed, I had the original set pieces to make them look as realistic as possible. Finally, I found that the best material for the walls is a real stone broken into small pieces. After studying construction of dry stone techniques from ancient times and after many attempts, I was finally satisfied. Comprised stone by stone so that it held together without any glue. This is the only way of giving the appearance of real stone, and if you look at the pictures’details, you will feel that the wall is real:)

Finally, in 2017, my dreams come true and I can start to sell Dungeon Scenery products worldwide.

I have so many ideas so in future you should be able to enjoy many new products with different themes and amazing details. I plan to preserve backward compatibility of all the decoration sets.

Who do we have on board now? My amazing femme fatale, Petra, who is responsible for all the sales administration matters (which I personally hate most), Veronica crafts for you barbed wires (painful job) and from abroad, Max-Dunbar, a very talented professional artist link.

Our online shop is open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Please send us your suggestions, comments, and questions. Your valuable suggestions help further improvements. Thanks for reading these lines.

Welcome to Dungeon Scenery!